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Hotels, Tours, Car, Airline & Cruise Booking 

Hotel Booking System

Focus on a B2C/B2B model including  add on features for agents to operate using the website. It enables customers to Search, Compare, Book, Amend and cancel at real time. The system can be integrated to any mid office application, consolidator, travel desk and/or GDS.

Centralized Online Reservation System (CORS)

  • Availability Search

  • Start Booking & Itinerary preparation

  • Online Payment and Receive Confirmation & booking Summary instantaneously

Inventory Management System (IMS)

  • Users can configure all information pertaining to contracts.

  • Add shell details, special offers, extra services, Add/Modify rates

  • Add and configure business rules (Amend & Cancel policy etc)

  • Hot deals, Create seasons and markets, allotments, Apply markups

Mid Office Application (MOA)

  • MOA helps in managing the bookings.

  • Confirm Rates, bookings with consumer and Merchant

  • Amend/Cancel bookings

  • Inform Amendments/Cancellation to Merchant

  • In addition to that, MOA helps to address customer service operations; Complaint handling/Query handling, Issue handling etc.

Membership Manager

  • The system helps manage customer loyalty programs. Loyalty programs can be customized based on the needs/ business models of clients. Redemptions can also be managed based on pre-defined business rules.

  • Customizable rewards program.

  • Members can monitor, redeem and gift rewards

  • Multi-Tier Membership can be configured

ComCrowd TAAB-

Tours, Airline Booking